We’re building a true one stop direct marketing ecosystem

What is it?

The linchpin that connects
fans, organizations and service providers
into a holistic ecosystem

Who is it for?

For fans, the organizations they love
and the service providers who cater to them

The Problem

We use Facebook Groups and it is ineffective.
We’re unable to provide an organized structure
to our chapters and its members.

Our Solution

Provide a structured foundation
for like communities in a central location,
and cater to the individual fan first.

Our current fan communities we manage on Facebook

Our startup comes from frustration.
We’ve waited years for someone to do this.

We also observed that each of our fellow fans are also passionate fans of other interests.

Those interests told us they could only wish for what we offered our community.

Our intention is to make all of this a reality for all fans!

Path Forward

Our MVP is to template a fan booster club

(as the most active fans belong to these.)

Step 1: Our closed beta is strictly with one selected club.

Step 2: Open the beta to our current community of chapters

After beta, make it available to all 49ers booster clubs

Step 3: Offer our services to all sports fan communities within the NFL, NBA, MLS, MLB, College, etc.

Transition to include music, movies, cosplay, etc. types of fandoms into the future.

Main Features/Benefits:

  • For Fans
 – Personal fandom communities & connections in one location.
    Fan Benefit – Exciting and efficient engagement with their passions year around.
  • For Organizations – Better understanding of fan needs & requirements.
    Org Benefit – A cost effective engagement pathway.

  • For Service Providers – A powerful targeted marketing system
    Provider Benefit – Helps serve fans more efficiently


for every fan whether in a club or not,
to easily engage deep into their selected communities,
and celebrate their personal fan lifestyles.

We are the direct marketing solution
for organizations and service providers
that every fan desires.