Connecting fans, brands and organizations for a better experience.

Cheers to all that unites us!

Our Origin

Our journey began as a San Francisco 49ers fan having moved outside the Bay Area.

Before another dismal season in 2006,
I felt lonely and was missing the fellow fans
I’d have otherwise found solace with.

I built a website to maybe find other diehards to check in with
to see how they were holding up.

It was a side thing and pre-social media.
I thought maybe six fans might find the site.

But then, fans poured in from around the world and together
we grew into a fan community organization.

Today we’re recognized by not just the fans,
but unofficially by the 49ers front office as well, along with
over a hundred official 49er fan chapters within our organization.

The Takeaway

I had organically struck a nerve and stumbled upon a key missing link of fan engagement.

It’s to genuinely be all about the fan!

Simple right?

Apparently not simple to the powers that be.

We waited for somebody to sincerely acknowledge it.
All we heard was crickets.

I suppose only fans can understand how to take care of our own.

So here we are… better late then never.

Fans Engaged

“Genuinely for us by us”

You/us, Our future

Our intention is to do this from your perspective for every type of fan.

To have a better connection and experience with
the organizations and service providers we already love and support.

Always  FAN FIRST!